The pictures of penguins were taken at Boulder Beach, Republic of South Africa. Graphic Design Extraordinaire, Lora Leflang, went through 100 pictures and narrowed the voting field to the ones you see here. (Well, I might have slipped in a few more.) Please note that although we might not get the website cleaned up by April 30, 2018, the votes will be tallied on the first of May and April 30th is the last day to vote with winners announced shortly afterwards.

Dear Patrons: Please vote for your favorite pictures. I was amazed by the molting. I knew penguins had feathers, but the molting process really highlighted that fact. I am creating a fact flier about penguins for elementary students and will probably only be able to use four photos on the flier. If I have your address on Patreon, I will be sure to send you a copy of the flier when it is finished. Please leave the number of your favorite photo in the comment section under the penguin post on Patreon. If you want to vote for more than one, you can leave all the numbers in one post. I will assume that the numbers are ranked with the first number in the series being your favorite and the second number being your second choice, etc.