I attended a conference in 2000 about Brain Research and it changed the way I think about thinking. Whenever we are thinking about thinking that is what metacognition is all about. That conference was when I first heard Oliver Sacks' and Micheal Merzenich's ideas which ignited a fire within me to know more.

It was at this conference I first hear the term “blind imager” and realized I was one. This is where I learned about savants who can demonstrate tasks of “giftedness” and some of the limitations they face. As our imaging technology of the brain has evolved so has our understanding of it. But there is still so much to be discovered.

I am researching the gradations of blind imaging through personal interviews and have discovered “blind listeners” or perhaps I should call them “deaf listeners”. I still need to conduct more interviews and collate my results, but if you have comments on these topics I would enjoy reading them below.