Rarely Asked Questions

Question:  Why did Virginia bother putting an email on her page if she wasn’t going to respond when I emailed her…..even trying to buy one of her books!

Answer:  Well, I’m good at a lot of stuff, but technology wasn’t and isn’t one of them. The former email address was suppose to point to another email account that I checked once a week. Just imagine me checking my email once a week for two years…..and nothing, not even one of my friends writing. Not even a troll. Not even a bot. Eventually, I stopped checking.

Luckily, I have a lot of people in my life that are literate in technology. It came up in conversation one day and “they” all said, that is impossible. Upon further research the email was not set up correctly and pointed out into the ether…..maybe to the moon. So, we have changed the email and given “fans” the keys to the kingdom. So, I’d like to apologize for not responding to people who reached out. I am sorry. Of course, they will never see this apology because they are convinced that I am a she-devil that never responded to their inquiry and no longer fall into the rabbit hole that brought you here. Welcome.

Question: Is that the only question?

Answer:  Well, for now it is, guess that will give me something to do.  Enjoy the placeholders.

Place Holder (Q)

Answer - Place Holder.