A Writing Conversation:

Welcome Ginger Wadsworth and everyone else to A Writing Conversation Episode 5. Today we are interviewing Ginger Wadsworth a third generation writer whose childhood family included a small press publisher, a writer, an artist, and a professional photographer.  Her mom was the artist and her dad was a writer. While all Ginger's friends' dads went off to work in the morning, Ginger enjoyed her dad working and writing from his home.

Our conversation begins….

Virginia: That must have been fun having your dad be a writer.

Ginger:  It was.  Our “vacations” were always spent traveling based on the research he was doing for his writing.  Which included reading a lot of plaques on the side of the highway.  Mom was an artist and would be off sketching something.  Those were the only vacations we went on because most writers are very poor.

Virginia:  I loved meeting you and I am excited to read some of your books.  Especially Up, Up, and Away and Poop Detectives.  They also sound like perfect gifts for some of the people in my family.  It was surprising to learn that although you have published thirty books, that you have approximately 250 finished unpublished books.

Ginger: I like all the books I've written and it is hard not to get discouraged when editors or publishers send them back to me and tell me that they are uninterested or simply say, “No thank you.”  So I just think about how I'd like to get it perfect.  Some of the books I've “finished” I rework and create another draft and send them off again.  Other books just wait until the publishers realize how perfect they are already.

Virginia:  Are there other challenges that come to mind in your writing process?

Ginger:  I find it challenging when I find two different answers to the same question I am researching.  Then I have to look more closely at the credentials of who is saying what and do additional research until I decide which information I think is right.

Virginia:  Sometimes it is difficult to sleuth out the truth. Are there other daunting tasks you'd be willing to share?

Ginger:  Another challenge is to find a new topic that hasn't been done before or discovering a new angle on an idea that already has some books published about it.  I enjoy writing about real things and people, not necessarily a biography but exploring peoples personalities through his/her interactions with others and the environment.

Virginia:  Thanks again Ginger for sharing your thoughts with us and taking time out of your schedule for this flash interview.  If people want to find out more about what Ginger is writing you can view all her books at www.gingerwadsworth.com.  Enjoy the day!