Virginia Howard Mullan

American Writer and Historian

I've been writing since I wrote my first song, “Lines, Lines, Everywhere”, with Rose and Tamara while we were building blanket forts and watching “The Monkeys” on T.V.

My Approach

My Story

Luckily, after reading what I wrote, my Step-Aunt Theo and Dad's friend Art Martin always encouraged me. Theo and Art gushed over anything I showed them.  I believed them when they said “How wonderful!” my efforts were and how much they looked forward to my next piece.  So if my run-ons drive you crazy or you think this website is a bust.....blame Theo and Art. They encouraged me to keep writing. They were the original “two thumbs up.”

Humble Brag

Anthologies, Awards, Lectures, Film, and Publications:

2023 - Worked with GL (Griffin Loch) on writing the script and creative content for "What Remains: The People and Places of California's Expositions" promo.  https://youtu.be/fMHy_KyjJhE

2020 to present - Editor and Writer for Eel River Valley Chapter NSDAR monthly newsletter.

2022 - Crushed, published in December by the NCJ (North Coast Journal) as a Flash Fiction 2022 Finalist, page 15.  https://www.northcoastjournal.com/humboldt/flash-fiction-2022/Content?oid=25327904

2022 - Background Extra in The Undistilled.

2022 - Speaking engagements in San Diego and Long Beach, "California World's Fairs."

2021 - "What Remains: The People and Places of California’s Expositions" published by Times Printing.

2020 - Background Extra in The Sky is Everywhere.

2018 - "Insatiable Jackie" published on this website.

2018 - "I Never Did Learn to Speak Afrikaans" published by The University of London School of Advanced Study Vol. 4 (2017) Special Issue: Older Women’s Narratives; My Amazing Mother section. https://journals.sas.ac.uk/hwa/issue/view/348

2018 - Honored by Delta Kappa Gamma Epsilon Pi for exceptional skills in working with children and youth.

2017 - Background Extra in An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn.

2017 - Speaking engagement for Society of Humboldt County Pioneers, "California World's Fairs."

2016 - "Eel River Valley Chapter" published in 125th Anniversary Edition CSSDAR History Book 2008-2016, pages 270-275.

2016 - "My DAR Friend" poem won third place in the nation in the DAR American Heritage poetry contest and was published on their website.

2015 - "The Yellow Blanket" published by The High Desert Museum in association with Marie Watt's sculpture.

2013-2014 - Van Duzen Voice Poems and Stories by Students in the Van Duzen Watershed, Sal Steinberg, Director, Kids in the Woods. Edited by Dan Zev Levinson, California Poets in the School. Pg 58. www.createspace.com/4556591

2006 - Exploring the Progressive Movement through the Presidencies of Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson. A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of Humboldt State University for an MA in American History. http://humboldt-dspace.calstate.edu/handle/2148/55?show=full

2004 - Virginia received the Wells Fargo Stagecoach Legacy Award.

2000 - class offered by the Humboldt County Office of Education and HSU based on curriculum in Hot Chocolate. February 12, 2000. Longer version of class offered at Bridgeville School during Summer of 2000 and again at the County Office of Education the following fall.

1999 - Hot Chocolate: an introducation to HTML and the Internet for Kids. published by Lodestar Creations. Book signing Sunday, April 18, 1999. Successfully piloted at Bridgeville School resulting in a second place overall finish in the Junior High Division at the 1999 NTAP and CTAP Star tech competition held by the Mendocino County Office of Education. This was a collaboration with artist, L.E. Zerzan (www.facebook.com/l.e.zones/) and Judith Ann Palmer.

1996 Teacher of the Year Redwood Region at the 34th Annual California Association for the Gifted Conference Los Angeles, CA. Virginia gave several lectures at this conference over the years, include two that were tape recorded and disseminated by the conference. Over the years Virginia has presented over 30 workshops on teaching gifted kids, integrating math and literature, and hands on classrooms. She has taught these workshops at Humboldt State, Humboldt County Office of Education, Asilomar, and throughout CA at State conferences.

1992 - Virginia received recognition for the California Educational Initiatives Fund for creating a math trivia game entitled Math Dragons with her students.

1988 - Virginia received an Excellence in Teaching Award from the Humboldt County Office of Education.

1987 - Virginia appeared on the KHSU Children's Show. May 16, 1987 reading her children's book the Mikatoo which was released at a book signing at Northtown Books May 17 with illustrator Laura Zerzan. (www.facebook.com/l.e.zones/)

1987 - Fortunan’s “doodle” turns into a book by Leslie Ridgeway. Four column article in The Humboldt Beacon May 13, on page 12 about The Mikatoo.

1983 - Toyon The Literary Annual of Humboldt State University. “As I Gaze at Her Picture.” Page 20.

1979 - Friends What Dreams Are Made Of. Sponsored by Eureka Parks and Recreation Department. Edited by Virginia Howard. Containing some of her poetry including “Veal Parmesan” and “As I Gaze at Her Picture.”

1978 - Humboldt Journal of Social Relations. Volume 6 Number 1 Fall/Winter. “A Human Being Means Superior?” page 102. (http://www2.humboldt.edu/hjsr/)

1978 - Virginia appeared on the KHSU show WomaNotes reading her poem “Altruism” and her children's story, “The Cockaflow” (an early version of The Mikatoo).

1978 - Osprey Fall Vol. VII No. 1. On page 1 Virginia was interviewed about her writing. Her poem “Altruism” is printed on page 2.

1975 - Big Up Your Mind vinyl record c 1975 Albert L. Wicket produced by Dean Brown Productions, Long Beach, CA. Virginia was in the traveling musical and one of the Duchess' Girls on the record.

All photos on the Virginia Howard Mullan website were taken by Virginia Howard Mullan either in person or from sources without copyright or before 1930. All writers and photographers other than Virginia are credited if known.