A Writing Conversation:

Welcome Eleonora Galasso and everyone else to A Writing Conversation Episode 11. Today we are interviewing author and Internet personality Eleonora Galasso. Eleanora captured the historical recipes and variety of food in her book "As the Romans Do: La Dolce Vita in a Cookbook; Classic and Reinvented Recipes from Rome." I had a chance to make hazelnut crepes with Eleonora in Paris and talk to her about her projects.

Our conversation begins...

Virginia: Although you claim to "only be a cook and not a chef" I have to say that all the food you prepared was delicious.

Eleonora: Thank you.

Virginia: I also like your title "Food Interpreter." You have an interest very close to mine which involves interviewing people and gleaning information that can not be found in books.

Eleonora: I love to travel and interview cooks around the country, especially grandmothers. Food is a language that unlocks people's lives. The elders remember the old traditions of their mothers and grandmothers. I enjoy spending time with them and cooking with them so that I can learn their techniques and write them down before they are lost. There is a reason these recipes have been around for hundreds of years, passed down by word of mouth, and we don't want to lose them. Besides, I enjoy spending time with them and learning their methods.

Virginia: Thank you again for your time and for helping us create such a great meal. People that want to find out more about what Eleanora is up to can check out her website at: http://www.eleonoragalasso.com/intro

Or just Google her to find her youtube videos, tips, and books. Enjoy the day!